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soulight-my story so far

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Hi Soulmate, Wow, after reading your story, you are an amazing person yourself. You have endured so much and you are like me, you still try hard to find the sunshine in the day. God has blessed us with his love. Thank you for helping me with the websites you listed. I will definitely be checking into them. I am also trying to find grants that might help. I will be praying for you to find some financial help too. That is why I struggle to go to work everyday even though I am so damaged from all the chemo and the cancer itself. I know how long it takes to get on disability, and I don't know how I would live without any money. Let's face it, we do need money to pay for rent, food, utilities, etc. So I will continue to pray for an answer, and I will pray for you and for others that I have read on here. I believe my prayers led me to this site. At least now, I know i am not alone. God Bless, Jellsee

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Thank you MFEMF God Bless you too ! I hope you start getting better responses to your calls ! May you and your kids also have a Blessed Christmas ! soulight

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soulight,god bless you,i hope and prayer that things start to look up for for me i have been on the phone for almost two weeks now calling agencys to see if they can help me in any way,i either do not hear back or they have no fundings..i can not give up,this is for my kids.i hope all have a blessed christmas...thaks mfemf

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