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soulight-my story so far

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A request from me for February 11 .

I am asking for something personal today . On February 11 , I will have my disability hearing after 3 years of waiting . I am pretty depressed , as my lawyer said that the judge we will have is about the worst one possible for my case. Wonderful encouragement on her part !(not).

Still , prayer changes things , and I ask for all my fellow Aidmates who believe in the power of prayer to hold me up .

Thank you so much ,


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etheric plane , Thank you for offering the assistance . I think your offer is sincere and generous. Although you make some good points about the past being a huge part of who we are now , I don't totally agree with you on all points. Is it possible to subconciously slip on water that a person didn't see and slam down on a concrete floor ? Also , though I did state my ex was abusive , I didn't say anything about physical abuse. My ex was and is verbally abusive ,and yes , so is my father. I have gone to co-dependents anonymous and I understand the connection. However , I am not longer allowing ANYONE to be verbally abusive to me. I am a child of a more perfect Father ,and He loves me no matter what . He is the one I look to for my self worth , not any earthly sources. Yes , I agree that the past is part of who I am now , but you are assuming that it is a negative influence . I believe that experiences can be turned around for the good. Every incidence that has ever happened in my life has been turned around to become something even better . Not necessarily materially , but if you were able to look into the inside of who I am compared to who I was , you would see a change that can't compare to anything else in this world. It is my feeling that EVERYONE in the whole world is dysfunctional . This is a fallen world , and no one is perfect . Everyone has a skeleton or two in their closet. It is not the things that happen to us in life that change who we are . It is how we handle them that changes us. It is always a choice . So , thank you for the offer , but I have to decline. My inner healing has already happened . Holly

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Wow Two totally different postings . First , thank you so much for the nice note , Jellsee. I appreciate the prayers most of all . Finances are so much a part of life. We do need to live ,and you are right , having more money in some situations is exactly what I need. I also believe your prayers led you to this site , as did mine , and I will continue to pray that you recieve all the help you need and that you have the peace that passes all understanding. Thank you , Jellsee In HIS Grace , Holly

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Soulight, I think I see some insight to your problems. You sub-consciously injured yourself, to make up for the fact that your husband, wasn't beating you anymore. You most likley had an abusive family life. I myself am lucky to be alive, from my own family situation. Your solution, to all your problems, lies in going back to a traumatic event that took place, probaly when you were very young, from your family or someone associated with your family, who abused you either physically or mentally. You got traumatized by it, relived it through different stages of your life. When you got married, you got magnetaically attracted to an abusive man, because of it. If you can think of what the sitaution, is that happened to you, in your distant past, you can send me a private message, through the Aidmate and I'll bet I can solve your problem, that's been suppressed and buried, deep in your unconscious, by endless rage. Because I'll tell you and anybody else who might read this. If you can pinpoint, that exact traumatic event, that's in your past, that set you up to fail, time and time again and drain it of all neagtive emotion and hatred, that's been keeping you hypnotically programmed, to unconsciously re-live it over and over again, through different, but in reality, the same surface behaviours, you can solve all your problems. If you can find it and get rid of it, you'll also get rid of all your health, financial and personal relationship porblems, at the exact same moment. Because that one traumatic event in your past, is the entire root cause of all your problems, in every aspect of your life.

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Hi Soulmate, Wow, after reading your story, you are an amazing person yourself. You have endured so much and you are like me, you still try hard to find the sunshine in the day. God has blessed us with his love. Thank you for helping me with the websites you listed. I will definitely be checking into them. I am also trying to find grants that might help. I will be praying for you to find some financial help too. That is why I struggle to go to work everyday even though I am so damaged from all the chemo and the cancer itself. I know how long it takes to get on disability, and I don't know how I would live without any money. Let's face it, we do need money to pay for rent, food, utilities, etc. So I will continue to pray for an answer, and I will pray for you and for others that I have read on here. I believe my prayers led me to this site. At least now, I know i am not alone. God Bless, Jellsee

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Thank you MFEMF God Bless you too ! I hope you start getting better responses to your calls ! May you and your kids also have a Blessed Christmas ! soulight

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soulight,god bless you,i hope and prayer that things start to look up for for me i have been on the phone for almost two weeks now calling agencys to see if they can help me in any way,i either do not hear back or they have no fundings..i can not give up,this is for my kids.i hope all have a blessed christmas...thaks mfemf

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